martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

Revision of English consonants (place and manner)

These are the diagrams you must complete following your guide in order to go over basic concepts of theory.
Take good care,

"Working with definitions" guide

Dear sts
The following are the answers to your practical guide:

1. Glottis
2. Homograph
3 Phonology
4. Allophones
5. Glide
6. Soft palate
7. Phone
8. IPA
9. Phonation
11. Homophone
12. Larynx
13. Phoneme
15. Vocal tract
16.Weak forms
17. Strong form
18. Oral cavity
20. Hard palate


lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015


Hello ppl! Please take your your first compulsory assignment (transcription) to our Wednesday class so that we can carry out remedial work together Take good care, see you soon... Laura

Medical leave

Dear sts

I will b on medical leave from Tuesday May 12th till new notice since I will be operated on. I won´t b teaching my Tuesday lessons so far, but you will continue with regular classes on all other days.
Hope U do it well.
Be seeing U soon.

Take care,


Wednesday classes. Prof. Cosentino

Hi there!! I won`t be teaching my lessons on Wednesday because I am still on medical leave. Please join my Thursday class at 8 to practise for the mid-term. I will leave your written assignment ( transcriptions) on our shelf at departamento on Thursday morning .
Hope you can make it on Thursday!!!