martes, 24 de marzo de 2015


hi students! remember you need to take your material every class, it´s very important that you work with your own material make sure you got the right things for each class, as different teachers usually work with different stuff this week (2morrow Wed) we´ll b working with a handout named "first week", which should b including, among other things: homophones, minimal pairs and silent letters also, make sure that u check the blog every day thank u!!! Laura

martes, 17 de marzo de 2015

Welcome to the blog !

Dear students

This is a virtual channel of communication between Phonetics & Phonology I teachers and students. Try to consult it periodically, since important information and last minute news will be posted here.

Thank you!

martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

Wednesday lessons

Dear students, Our Wednesday lessons are over for this term Enjoy your holidays! Take good care, Laura

sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Cursada aprobada/promocionada

Dear sts
Please check that surnames and names are alright.
Thank U.

Cursada aprobada

  1. Balay Erbes, Alexander
  2. Dalesandro, María Sol
  3. Erede, Claudia
  4. Sancho, Rocío
  5. Velásquez, Julieta

Cursada promocionada

  1. Duso, Antonella        6 (seis)
  2. Farías, Ivana             6 (seis)
  3. Fiala, Luciana           6 (seis)
  4. Lalli, Melina             6 (seis)
  5. Mendoza, Ivana        6 (seis)
  6. Pepe, Andrea             6 (seis)
  7. Rabinovich, Alvaro   6 (seis)
  8. Rivarola, Cecilia        6 (seis)
  9. Ruiz Diaz, Gabriel     6 (seis)
  10. Suarez, Carolina        6 (seis)
  11. Uñates, Lucía            7 (siete)
  12. Urbani, Paula            7 (siete)


miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Make-up exams + miscellaneous

Hello ppl
The following marks correspond to MUE No. 2:

  1. Etcheverría  2 (two)
  2. Pepe  5 (five)
  3. Rabinovich 5 (five)
  4. Rivarola  7 (seven)
  5. Ruiz Diaz 4 (four)
  6. Sanabria  2 (two)
  7. Sancho  4 (four)
  8. Urbani  6 (six)


  • Rivarola  6 (six)
  • Velazquez  4 (four)

I will b showing exams on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd. On those days, I will b posting marks of "cursada aprobada/promocionada" and signing cards for "cursada aprobada" in case U have them. Furthermore, I'll b providing information about final exam.
Hope to see U there.

Take care,